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Originally Posted by Clovidequano Dovatha View Post
Yes, I will use them, at least at first, if and when I can get the necessary leagues up and running as needed and desired. I'd have to rate the Lynx set at about 7.5, I think, and the Knights set at about 8.3, right now, on average quality. I can live with the Lynx's current colors for now, at least, even if they're not quite what I'd prefer them to be for that team.

The Knights seem to be closer to the preferred colors at present. So that's one reason I'm rating the related set higher than the set for the Lynx right now. Keep up the great work, and let's see where God takes us here, if we can, as best as we can, et cetera, then, Eugene.

Take care, and God bless, I hope. CD out.
CD, you are much too kind... I personally would rate them a 5-6 at best... nowhere near the quality, design or creativity of knuckler, Txranger and many others who have done work on the Graphics Forum.
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