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Historical Replay - Injuries on or off?

I'm doing an 1871 to present historical replay, manually making all the team and roster adjustments. I've so far played thru the 1875 season, and I've kept injuries off due to the small roster sizes. Also, it seems to be more accurate because you don't get non-historical injuries. At the same time, I'm not going to go to the level of recreating actual injuries.

So my question is, when, if at all, would be a good year to actually turn injuries back on? I'm leaning towards just leaving them off, because I really haven't missed them. I don't control any of the teams.

Also, just FYI, here are my league champions to date:

1871 - Boston Red Stockings
1872 - New York Mutuals
1873 - Boston Red Stockings
1874 - Boston Red Stockings
1875 - Philadelphia Athletics
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