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Originally Posted by MrWideFrame View Post
I have a player who is about to hit free agency after this season. For each of the last 3 seasons he has been unwilling to even open negotiations for an extension. He is my best player and I'm worried I'll be unable to re-sign him because he won't even let me make one offer. I've been saved by arbitration the last few years. This feels like a bug to me. Any way around this?
He just does not want to sign for you lot. There could be baseball related reasons ("Your team sucks, I want a ring, see you!"), clubhouse related reasons ("My teammates here suck, no way I'm signing here", "For this manager? Never!") or things completly beyond your control ("Don't want to spend my life/have my children grow up in the dump that is (insert town name here)", "The climate in (insert town name here) sucks, I'd rather be somewhere else") and probably a lot of more reasons are possible.

Anyway, it seems that for whatever reason, this player wants to play somewhere else. Sounds like a feature, not a bug.
Fire a qualifying offer his way, let the door hit him on his ass, enjoy your free draft pick and sign someone else actually wanting to play for your ballclub instead.
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