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Originally Posted by bear View Post
You have two ways to do this depending on your preference.

Select the files of the fighters you want imported into a different universe. You can do this one at a time or as a group using the mass edit function.

You can then export these files. This is where your two options come into play. You can export the files to a folder that you have created using the "Export to File" choice.
Alternatively you can choose "Export Selected" which will place the files in the games exchange folder.

You can then import them into the new universe of your choice.

Just a note. I generally use the exchange folder method just as a personal preference, but I make sure to "empty" the folder after I've moved the fighters.

I use this a lot, When I create new fighters they all go into the exchange folder. After I post them to the forum, here, I'll distribute them to different game universes and empty the exchange folder and start the process all over.

Bear, Thanks

I have only "tested" your method and it worked like a charm. Have not yet had a chance to fully use this. New to this "computerized" version of the game (have had it about 2-3 weeks now), and trying now to create my 1st Universe.

also a BIG THANKS to you for your "Tomato Cans", though a lot more (Tomato Cans) than I am going to use, paring them down to about 180-250 TC's per "Major" weight class (meaning, not using any light/junior or super weight classes).

Going to do what a lot have done on here already and that is do a "Chronological" Universe starting with the fighters who's careers started in 1899 or before, then add new fighters every year working my way to present day

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