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Originally Posted by actionjackson View Post
I use 3 yr recalc double weighted for the current year. Hal Chase has my all-time high single-season batting average at .355 in 1915. Reggie Smith (absolute beast so far 5 seasons in at age 24) hit .352 in 1921, and Riggs Stephenson hit .351 in 1920. Some dude named Vin Campbell is my all-time career batting average leader at .321, followed by Hal Chase at .317, and Zack Wheat at .309. I only have eight .300 career hitters. Nomar Garciaparra is number 8 at .300 on the nose. Of the guys I listed, I'd say only Wheat is going into the HoF. Reggie Smith looks really good for it, but it's very early to be making such pronouncements of course.

I think the reason I'm not getting .400 hitters is that I'm using 1984 strategy settings, which means more relievers. IRL, there hasn't been a .400 hitter since 1941, so I think there's something to having to face multiple pitchers in a game rather than getting multiple looks at the starter. Just a theory of course, but I think it's why we haven't seen any .400 hitters in over 7 decades.

Also, in 1984 the league average was .260, and that's about what it's been over the 22 years of my league. Hard to hit .400 when the league average is .260 and you're not facing the same pitcher in all your at bats in a game.

Lately, the NL has been outhitting the AL despite not having the DH. Huge talent disparity I guess. Weird.
The year Eddie Collins hit .342, the league average was .264. Cobb's .401 the average was only .249. Don't you just love this stuff. Reason, I asked, I'm thinking I will use 3 year recalc for my next go round. One thing I love about 1 year recalc is you get the big seasons from players, such as guys hitting .400. But, you also get guys going from ace on the staff one season, to the bottom of the bullpen due to reality. Might be nice to not have these huge swings.
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