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Originally Posted by The Game View Post
I have done various Rd leagues but i lose interest in them quickly for various reasons and i hate starting in 1871 since players like Bonds will hit no more then 10-20 HR til after 1920.
So in a modern baseball environment using real stats what are the best settings?
You could still play in 1871 and have normal (or even inflated) HR totals if you set your stats output to a year of your choosing, and uncheck the box that says to import LTMs for each successive season. I use 1984 for my stats output and my PCMs and strategy settings. So, even though it's 1901 every bullpen has six pitchers and five man rotations are the standard. You could use a "steroid" year, but be forwarned that Sir Spritze has said this results in totally kooky HR numbers and you may not like that either. The possibilities are limitless really. I also use a 162 game schedule every year regardless of whether there was one or not and have a DH in the American League and no DH in the National League.

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