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The random debut league I'm currently playing started in 1946 and I just finished the 1977 regular season last night. I've let the game import historical settings/modifiers each year. I use one year recalc, with development on. 100 talent change randomness. I'm using the DH and I usually set bullpen size to at least one more pitcher than the game calls for. I set my minimum year for player imports to 1902, as I don't think random debut deals with pre-1900 pitchers in a realistic manner. My home run king so far career wise is Vlad Guerrero with somewhere around 477. Season wise, Cecil Fielder just hit 59 for the 77 season, breaking the previous record of 56. Cecil also broke the single season RBI record with 161. I guess I should mention that I use the high(realistic) injury setting as well.

I plan on locking the modifiers/strategy settings in once I reach the 1982 or 84 season. Just don't want to get into the low stamina, pitchers go a 1/3 of an inning period. Plus, I've quick simmed a few random debut leagues through the 90's, up to current day and I find the numbers get a little wonky and exaggerated. I don't want guys hitting 80-90 homers.

I tried random debut during the deadball period and quit for the very reason you stated above. Guys like Richie Sexson, Rob Deer, Dave Kingman just don't translate to that period and I get bored fast.

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