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Originally Posted by BryceG View Post
Hi there I have had a couple issues in running a historical league 1986 as the Oilers

1) First I was able to sign both Theo Fleury and M Recchi as 17 year old free agents rather then them going through the amateur draft which is what I set in the original league settings?

2) After signing the players it put me over the 50 player protected list and I was unable to find a way to release players from the protected list? I did turn on the assistant GM and it released players for me but manually I could not do it?

3) Maybe I am missing something but I was unable to find players stats for my team alone? I could only view league player stats?

Otherwise happy with the game so far.

Cheers Bryce
The first question is a known issue, I think they may have fixed it, but that will come in a patch on Friday or Saturday, I think.

Your second qusetion, I am not 100% sure about, but I think that if you go to the player protection tab, and right click on their names, it will let you lapse their rights. If you are talking about contracted players, then you either trade them or wait for the off-season and buy them out.

Your third question: go to your team, their is an info tab, click on that and their are lots of options to pick from, one of them is the stats for your team.

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