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Some bugs found

I started the NHL season managing the Flyers and allowed all leagues to be active... sort of testing the waters after all the complaints I read.
Anyway there are a few minor issues I found with the quick sim (not playing the game) found in a month's worth of play.
1) Rosters - the separate tabs for the NHL and AHL teams should be next to each other, or make it highly visible Ie; team colors on tabs... it's difficult to tell what to do without descriptions or script on screen.
2)There is no "intuitive" script in rosters to tell me if I hold the mouse over the player have it say "right click for options" or something similar. this appears for headers on stats and skills but not for action resolutions
3) The team manager messaging is poor and needs work... There is also a messaging choice in both manager options AND manager news, but neither one seems to work or make a difference since I get injuries for players on teams I never heard of in NHL or AHL... ex.Charlotte Checkers? / Abeline Stars? (ECHL?) no matter what I choose as the level of messages. As a matter of fact the manager news always defaults to personal messages only.
5) Trades need a lot of work - but thats been mostly covered.
6) Lineups - I do like the ice time for the lines, but not being able to line match is disappointing (EHM feature) I regularly put the checking line #4 against the top line #1 and so on... The players also seem to return to 100%rested immediately after the game is over and thats just not realistic, sometimes you need to rest players on back to back days when they are old or out of shape, this feature seems to be missing here.
7)I wish the training was its own tab instead of crammed into the roster screen. There are just so many things you could add to this feature that would add immersiveness to the game IMHO. Perhaps rehab could be added as an option instead of none.

My next month of simming will include actually simming games so I dont think I'll get it done tonight, but I will post when I'm done there.

*** Overall its a good start and offer congratulations on getting this huge project off the ground***
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