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Originally Posted by khucke View Post
I experimented along the same lines, Scruff. When settting financials you have to form an Association of the major league and the minor leagues. Otherwise you're unable to set seperate financial levels.

Another question is how to facilitate the advancement of players to the major league. The age limit you proposed is rather static for my taste. Historically the best minor league players were sold to a major league team, there is no way to replicate this within OOTP. I try the setting for 'Free Agency After 1 Year' for my minor leagues. Thus after one year the best players enter the free agent pool. Then major league teams should outbid minor league teams for the top players. A problematic side effect though is minor league teams giving multi-year contracts to their best players. A manual editing seems to me the only remedy to this.

I'd be very interested to hear how you plan to proceed.
I admire Scruff's dedication to making this work. But until the limitations described here by khucke are finally overcome (and some of us have been pleading for such features literally for years), we'll never be able to effectively duplicate the historical minor league universe of the early and mid-20th century.
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