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2011-12 English Payrolls based on FM2012:

Premier League (=MLB): $71.91mm average, range $192mm to $19.09mm, stdev $43.36mm, median $62.35mm

Championship League (=AAA): $14.85mm average, range $44mm to $5.72mm, stdev $8.95mm, median $12.61mm

League 1 (=AA): $3.35mm average, range from $9.93mm to $1.63mm, stdev $2.08mm, median $2.64mm

League 2 (=A): $1.84mm average, range from $2.85mm to $982k, stdev $520k, median $1.77mm

One thing to note is the overlap - the highest payrolls in the lower leagues are above the lowest payrolls in the next league up. This makes sense, and is mostly (but not entirely) a result of relegation and demotion. The 4th lowest payroll in the EPL $35.18mm, is nearly double the 4th highest payroll in the Championship $19.87 mm.

Also note the medians being much lower than the means. A few high end teams are blowing the salary structure out of proportion a bit. I'm going to institute 50% revenue sharing, so I don't think I'll see quite these extremes. The initial payrolls and league classifications will be based on 1870 city population and I'll update that each year, so cities will be brought into the correct leagues at the correct times historically.

I'm also not going to put SF and New Orleans in the leagues early, because in 1871 no one was traveling from Boston to SF. I'll set those teams up in regional leagues and split their population up so the Southern League might have 4 teams from New Orleans and one from Memphis and Mobile or something.

No team will have more than double the fan base of the lowest team in the league. The 'extra' population will be used to field lower level teams from those cities. So Manhattan might have an MLB team, two or three AAA and two or three AA teams, etc.

It takes forever to sim a season in that game, but once it's done I'll throw some attendance numbers up there. I took the payroll numbers from the beginning of the season.

Converting those to percentages, AAA payroll is 20.65% of MLB, AA is 4.65% of MLB and A is 2.56% of MLB, which is what I'll shoot for with the average payrolls when tweaking the financials.

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