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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
Noticed at least one error with signed players.

G Chris Carrozzi is signed with the Winnipeg Jets, with 1 year, 708, 333$ left on his ELC. In the game he is not signed by the Jets.
That's funny, he's definitely got a Jets contract in the database and everything looks correct about it. We'll have to check on that.

Also, just now say another issue with Jets. They qualified LD Arturs Kulda last off-season he should be listed on the Jets protected list and is not.
Aw, I know what I did there. I filled out the missing player rights this weekend using Hockeysfuture's prospect lists as a guide, but Kulda's too old to go on there. I probably missed some other older guys with NHL rights that way, too.
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