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I am a longtime fantasy sports GM. Mostly baseball and hockey. Been running teams continuously for 10 years+. I am a low maintenance, active GM who knows what I am doing with OOTP.

One of the leagues I was in folded recently so I am just in 1 ootp 6.5 league and would like to find another active league to join. Here are my basic requirements.

No new leagues - Something that has been around for at least a year in real life.

No weird rules - Odd point systems, or weird FA rules. I just want to play the way its done in real life.

Prefer multiple sims per week and a full season that doesn't take 6 months. The faster the better in my books.

Other then that I am pretty flexible. Don't care if its retro or current, fictional or mlb.

PM me here if you have something I might be interested in for version X or 6.5.


Greg L.
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