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My name is Tyler Cox, and I am new to OOTP. I have OOTP 10 and play it has much as I can when I get a chance. I am looking for a league to play in and to try and get some more experience with the game and baseball itself. I would like to join a league that is using OOTP 10(obviously) and one that is preferably a fictional league because I feel that it maes for a much more fun game. However I would be interested in a real world league. I would like for whatever type of league it might be to be fast paced, maybe going 2,3 or possibly 4 years per calendar year. Any year would be okay, but my prefernce is one that would be around the 60s-70s. Another prefernce is one that resembles an MLB set-up.

My email is . Please feel free to contact me there or you can PM me. I would also like to have an explanaion as to how these online leagues work.

Than you all,
Tyler Cox

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