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I've gone through the past week or so of posts and either didn't see what I want or accidentally overlooked it, so here we go. I'm looking for an OOTPX league with the following:

*fictional league and rosters
*prefer fewer playoff teams (preferably not 8 in a 24 team league)
*quicker schedule (about 1 month per RL week, more is acceptable)
*prefer a league that upgrades versions every other year-unless there's a major improvement I don't think I'm going to buy every single year (although I own every version since v.4 except for v.9.)

I'm an experienced owner (as I mentioned, I've been around since v.4) and I am also currently in the Home Nations Baseball Association. Please send me a PM/email if you have a league similar to what I described. Even if there are no current openings I would like to put my name on the waiting list. Thanks!
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