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Cuckoo, the person that originally claimed the Cubs was my friend, jeff. he has v4, but not v5 and hasn't made any mention of when he plans on getting the game. he hasn't registered on this forum, and hasn't said a word to me about the team since Thursday even when i asked him - unlike my friend keith who is the Yankees owner who bought the game yesterday just to be in the league. so i revoked jeff's claim on the team. just so happened a new owner - Bhavin Mistry - expressed interest in the team and since you already had a team i gave the Cubs to him. simple as that. it was one of those "right place at the right time" sort of things. don't know what to tell you, you can email me if you like but this isn't going to be a debate here. i can ask the Cubs owner if he'll switch (as the Rockies owner asked me to do), but it's Bhavin's call.

PhilR8, i've updated the team list. welcome aboard.

to all owners, you should go to the league website now - - i will no longer be returning to this thread as all teams as filled! i would say the season will start once we get everyone all signed up in the forum and take a head count, at that point we'll see whos still on board and i'll come back here to recruit any new owners as necessary. good luck all.
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