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Posts Critical of Online Leagues / Members

From time to time you might see a post that is critical of online leagues or certain online league members. For the most part we don't moderate these posts as we think it's important that people have an outlet to voice their less than satisfactory experiences. Just think, maybe one day you or a friend might have a bad experience with an online league and you'd probably want to warn others or you be warned about that league too. We certainly don't want to encourage these posts, but we don't want to ban them either.

As a league you have two options: you can either create new threads until the critical poster gives up and moves on or, preferably, you can just ask more of your league members to post their positive experiences. The latter is preferred because then you won't be seen as spamming the board.

Personally, one poster's negative experience doesn't turn me off of a league and I have to imagine most people are that way too. It's when you get multiple people voicing their displeasure that you really have to give joining that league another thought.
Support the Personal Bodyguard DH or the one-and-done DH
(I think they're both better than both the AL and NL games)
With the advent of openers, I prefer the Personal Bodyguard over the SP-only DH
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