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Originally Posted by MrWideFrame View Post
Sure he can test free agency. But once he is a free agent why wouldn't he be willing to listen to an offer from me?

I think if you were in my shoes you would feel like something was wrong under the hood. This is the first time I've encountered something like this in hundreds of OOTP seasons.

This isn't the typical "I'm not ready to talk yet" response. This is the response you get from someone who is frustrated from negotiations gone bad. How is that possible when we haven't even talked?
Been in your shoes several times in 2 long term leagues back to v8. Some players just don't negotiate. In the big picture I still think it's too easy to retain players in a modern day FA type OOTP league. That's advantage human player, something we don't need.

It's unfortunate you're still on v15 we have no way to tell if your player would negotiate in v16 v17.


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So much for personality. Albert Belle, a complete nut job was never traded and was the highest paid player in the game, twice!

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