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RE the following questions: I asked Sebastian and he gave me these replies.

Are any fields going to be customizable? PPG/Game and SHG/Game are two for example that I've never really seen tracked or publicized. PP and PK %'s would be better suited if that's the kind of thing you're looking for.
Are star ratings really coming back!? God I hope so. It's such an easy way to glance at your roster and see where your team's ability stands. I know the numbers do the same thing but the graphical representation makes it MUCH easier.
Yes (going to a 10-scale with stars from 1-5 with half steps. Before we had 1-10 with half steps).
Love the new look!! Question, though: will the player be able to change the color scheme of the menus and such? I love the layout, but I'm not sure about the olive drab menu color :-P
Not sure but guess yes.
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