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I'm sure they will look at aligning those things before the final release. Thanks.

Originally Posted by Statsman1 View Post
Awesome stuff!!

Two questions:

1. Would it be possible to center headings and values in each column when showing numbers?

Just looking at the first screenshot - world menu - the headings are centered, the values are right-justified.

Then the second screenshot - roster - some headings are left-justified, values are right-justified (Age, Fit, NR, CapHit). Other headings are left-justified, and values are left-justified (Length, CON, Waiv).

Then the third screen shot - player - all the stats and headings are right-justified.

Picking ONE (everything left, right or centered) would make reading up and down the lists on a screen so much easier on the eyes.

2. Why aren't there about 1,500 "thanks" for this update yet?
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