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I had been thinking about how consistent the Raccoons have been ever since I put the core group together and I realized it's starting to be boring because of this. It's gotten to the point where I hardly need to do anything and they'll win 115+ games. So I was thinking it would be nice if they didn't do too well so that would give me things to do to try to "fix" things.

Well, I got my wish. They are off to their worst start ever (well, since bronze at least), at 34-21 .618. Pitching is #1 in RA and many other categories too, but the offense is only 7th in R and luck hasn't been going our way either.

So what to do? Leave things alone and let them rebound and play up to their potential? Nah! Tinker and possibly make things even worse? Yeah, that sounds like a plan.

My 2 catchers have not been hitting this season (Campy was hitting .154 and Lava was hitting .204) so I decided to bring up 2 guys who've not been on the active roster in a long time. I made Burgess my starter vs RHP and Cooper vs LHP. Burgess can't field worth anything and can't throw runners out and who knows what he'll do to the staff ERA, but at least he can hit well (hopefully!). So will he cost more runs than he produces? We'll see!

I also moved 94 Ruth back to the active roster recently since none of the 3 I had tried in LF had done well so far. After 24 Gs, he's got a 1.006 OPS so he'll be staying for now. I also moved Robinson to RF since Cy Seymour forgot how to hit this year after having a great season last year. Everyone else I left alone, but almost everyone is having an off year. After 2 straight MVPs, Keeler is hitting just .286 (he hit .353 and .378 the previous 2 years), but I'm confident he'll turn things around.

Now I just need to find someone on the AH to add (looking for a hitter now), but the only candidates are over my current PP limit right now.

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