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Originally Posted by r0nster View Post
Barry Bonds was a pure LAZY outfielder where as Griffey Jr played his heart out and Griffey didn't have a nice short right field fence to help him with HRs and a nice wind current to push it out of park in SF I would bet that Griffey would have had similar numbers had he played in SF new park half the season .... unfortunately that cannot happen in real life
Sorry, but you could not be more wrong in Griffey not being aided by the Kingdome.

The Seattle Kingdome's RCF wall was 352 by 1990 and the RF line was 312 by 1991 despite the big wall (not too un-similar to Fenway Park). Those are courtesy of by the way.

Candlestick Park was 365 by 1982 in RCF and 328 down the RF line by 1993 (right when Bonds was arriving). The walls weren't as high though, just 9 feet.

Kingdome was literally a dome, so wind was not a factor at all. The wind was horrendous at Candlestick Park by the 1980s and even altering the stadium, it was still really bad.

1993 Bonds: 21 HR at Candlestick vs. 25 Road
1994 Bonds: 15 HR at Candlestick vs. 22 Road
1995 Bonds: 16 HR at Candlestick vs. 17 Road
1996 Bonds: 23 HR at Candlestick vs. 19 Road
1997 Bonds: 24 HR at Candlestick vs. 16 Road

Griffey put up similar totals at the Kingdome from 1993-1997 as Bonds did at Candlestick as far as home vs. road. At best, Griffey probably would've hit either the same number of HRs or actually slightly fewer precisely due to the wind he was not dealing with at the Kingdome.

You're right Griffey probably would've put up similar numbers but for the exact wrong reasons you think as to why.

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