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Originally Posted by JeffR View Post
Can you upload the save? I'd like to see the exact sequence of Sawchuk vs. Plante leading up to the playoffs.
Im already into the next season. I can tell you both goalies were healthy, and the 1968 Heat level was 4 for Plante and 1 for Sawchuk. Plante was 1-2-1 with Toronto in 68. Both years Sawchuk was ridiculous. He had video game performances.

Looking deeper, i see Plante has a big games hidden attribute of 17, while Sawchuk is 15. Plante has had a better playoff career, with a .916 sp vs .906, but both have won multiple Cups as a starter, and a coach wouldn't have access to an arbitrary big games rating.

Plante has played 21 playoff games for Toronto over the last 2 years, while he's played in 15 regular season games. Sawchuk has played 130 regular season games, winning 101 times, and played in just two playoff games, for a total of 75 minutes.

Sawchuk is rated higher. Both are old, so there skills are staring to deteriorate, but here is the comparison screen. Sawchuk is on the left, and the team clearly feels he's the better goalie until the playoffs start. If you want the file despite me being into the next season, let me know, and ill upload it.

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