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Hey there,

I might have a league that you'll like.

Quick overview:
* Daily sims, each covering just four days during the season, longer during the offseason
* Low scouting accuracy and the not-too-granular 2-8 rating system
* Injuries set to "high/realistic modern day" and high randomization of player development
* Fully fictional player database (started with real players but all are long gone now in 2045)

Lots more details (and explanations why) here:

League communication is mainly done via Slack and all GM's are required to be part of our Slack group. League forum is also used (trades and draft), but secondary to slack for regular communications.


Game file: (Create a saved game folder in OOTP 20 and name it ExtraInnings.lg then unzip the contents of this archive into that folder. You can go in as guest without a password.)

Currently available teams (asterisks indicates currently on pace to make playoffs):


Feel free to PM with any questions.
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