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Problem Solved

Originally Posted by captaincoop17 View Post
Does anyone know where this "Other Miscellaneous" expense comes from?

I know the "Miscellaneous Player Expenses" a couple rows above it stems from releasing a player or paying a buyout.

I have done some digging, but nothing makes sense. I thought it came from my released players from last year, but another team with this issue, those numbers don't match up like my $12.5M do.

Any ideas?
@Captaincoop17 - In your league you have a Maximum Starting Cash level of $20,000,000. The $12,500,000 in Other Misc is being taken from you at the start of the off-season to get you down to $20,000,000. The same is true looking at the $3,013,094 that was deducted last year.

Additional things that might show up here are any commissioner adjustments that are made. In our league we can do stadium upgrades, send coaches to seminars to upgrade them, and we have to pay for each Rule 5 Draftee we take. There are also league fines, penalties, and such that would be included in this number.

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