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Football Manager is incredible. Unbelievably popular here in England for many, many years. I started playing it way back in 1993 under its old title Championship Manager on my Atari ST. I spent so many hours of my childhood playing it. I don't have the time to play the complex PC version these days but I still play FM Mobile, it's a great game.

But - I enjoy MLB Manager even more. The ability to customise your league and it being much harder to totally dominate all other teams year-in, year-out give it the edge for me. I'll buy the 2017 edition to support the developers no matter what, but disappointed to hear the big changes they suggested aren't coming yet. It does feel like their heart isn't really in it at the moment. The game's logo doesn't even appear at the top of these forum pages.

I agree with the OP that the core audience probably isn't that much different to the full OOTP. I would play the full game if I didn't have 2 young kids and little spare time. Instead I play MLB Manager because I can play it on a busy train on my commute to work.
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