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Julien Henri Season

Paris is currently in a 3 game series with Giverney. Henri has just finished pitching in an 8-4 Artist victory. All 4 runs were with 2 out and Julien lasted 8 innings.

At 28 years of age Julien should be entering his prime years in terms of athletic abilities. Of course, that doesn't mean that he will perform better (or worse) than earlier in his career.

Curiously, his batting stats are very close to the previous year. He's upped his OBP and SLG marginally in each category. The largest variance is SB's as he has only been successful 2/6.

On the mound the first take is he is having a much worse season than we are accustomed to seeing. After going 18-7 to lead the league in wins last year, he's just 5-6. Yet, a few things stand out:
  • His WHIP of 0.98 is exactly the same as last year
    His BB/IP is actually a bit less
    His K/IP is the same
    Last season his BABIP of .245 was a career low that no doubt contributed to the W/L record.

    We'll check in on Julien later in the year to see how the rest of the season goes for him.
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