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Montreal visits Paris

The Royals are next up on the schedule for the Artists (Scouting Report below). 1964 was the year Montreal won their only championship. They were led by the ubiquitous 'Steve Green' who led the team with a 5.8 WAR.

These days it's Antonio Balbuena who is trailblazing the Royals to victories. His 8-1 record is an indication just how tough it is to come away with a W when you are facing the right hander who commands five pitches. As noted in the scouting report Paris will face him in the middle game of the series.

Elsewhere in the FBL, the Quebec Snake Eyes are capturing the attention of the fans. Having won 11 of 12 and 7 in a row has put them into contention for the most wins in the league. They are extremely tough in their own ballpark with a 17-7 record.

For Paris they will continue to count on Michel and Mercier to lead the offense as they rank first and third in the batting crown race. 25 year old Roger Lamy flies under the radar because of the Artist star power but he is gradually becoming a big stick in the Artist arsenal, putting up some potent offensive numbers, .295/.358/.452.
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