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Leagues Needing GM's

Recruiting for 2 long standing leagues with current openings.

Extra Innings - runs on OOTP20 (updating versions every year), is a daily sim of 4 days per sim with "realistic" (feels like high) injury settings, very deep minor leagues that require some attention, and a database of fully fictional players.

Great for both active or passive GM's as there are both types in the league currently. We are in early May of 2046, so there is still plenty of time to make your mark this season!

Looking to fill: Rays, Marlins, Astros, Rangers, Yankees, Royals

EI: Rules Reports

Asahi3 - currently runs on OOTP19 (updating to 21 in near future), runs 3-5 sims/week (3 during reg season, more during off season) with 15 days per sim, low injury settings, more of an NFL/NBA style draft (multi-team lotto for top picks, top guys go straight to the Bigs and compete for awards, etc.), almost no minor leagues to speak of (except a few recent draftees filling out their potential) and only real historical MLB players.

This is an extremely active league in terms of GM participation and would not be great for a passive GM. We are currently in the offseason before the 2055 season and gearing up for FA and the very important draft.

Openings in A3 - Anaheim Angels, LA Dodgers, Atlanta Braves

Openings don't come along often in A3 and these are a great franchises to have. There is a brief application process required of all new GM's but nothing too intense.

A3: Rules Reports

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