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Are all four divisions in the same league? If they are, then you should use a schedule for 24 teams (I can whip one up if you let me know how you want it to go). If they are all separate leagues, then you can use thehip's schedule for all of them. Your guess is correct, that the first would be a schedule for 4 teams and 18 games, and the second would be for 6 teams and 20 games.

To import/install:
Get to the "Schedule Editor" screen by clicking Edit League Schedule from either the Functions or Options tabs of the league settings.
Click "Actions" at the top right and select Import From File
Then navigate to where the schedule is saved on your computer, most likely a Downloads folder

If the structure of the schedule you load matches the structure of your league, then it'll say something like "Schedule successfully imported" & you're good to go. It'll keep reloading itself every new season.
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