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Well, that was quite an anti-climax...

Playing a fantasy league in its 20th year. Took control of a hapless expansion team a few seasons back, I play out a lot of games and enjoy the PbP comments.

"(so-and-so) hits his 249th HR and now sits 4th in all time for HR's! What a career he has had!" I have one guy who has triggered a similar comment like 10 times this year as he duels for 4th spot with another active player.

For the past month I have been anticipating the PbP when my stud starting pitcher took over 1st overall for strikeouts in league history. When it happened... NOTHING happened. No mention of it in the PbP, nor on news, nothing.

Suspecting it is only batters that trigger the "21st in league history!!" PbP?
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