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No, the quality of generated players won't change over time as the national team's performance varies. I'd like to make it a little more adaptive, but the system that handles national player quality would be a little difficult to change in an automated way, so we'll need to figure out how to do it properly without causing problems to the overall talent pools in the game - it would get very ugly if one of the major nationalities with multiple leagues in the game declined to the point where the quality of those leagues had a sever decline.

You can, however, play as a UK club team and bring in young foreign players that are good enough to improve the national team but not so good that they're going to leave when they reach their potential. They'll eventually acquire English nationality and stand a good chance of switching it to their primary nationality, which allows them to play for the national team. Works best with Canadians or Americans, since the European teams play more international games and are more likely to grab your player for a minor tournament, effectively ending the chances of an allegiance switch for the near future.
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