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OK so here's how you install this.
1. Unzip it to a folder. Doesn't matter which.
2. Find your OOTP installation. Mine is on my D drive. Yours is probably on your C drive. If you don't know where your installation is, never fear...
a) open OOTP19
b) click Load Game
c) underneath the list of saves, there's a button "Open Folder". Click that.
d) that's where your installation is.
3) Find the folder you unzipped in step 1. Open it. Open it again until you see this:

4) Once you see that, click the back button ONCE and only once. Copy the highlighted folder (Windows ----> CTRL-C)
5) Navigate to the folder OOTP opened in step 2d.
6. Paste the folder you copied in step 4 (Windows -----> CTRL-V)

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