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An interesting observation from the 5th season was that no trade was made at the deadline at all, not one all week leading up to the deadline!

We resigned 5 players who had only 1 year left on their contract and annoyingly Laine again only settled for a 2 year deal ( was meant to be fixed in the last update ) after the 5 signings we are ok cap wise for the coming season but might have to trade away someone on the start of the next one.

Notable thing is that Auston Matthews went to free agency as a 25year old and signed for 3 years at 10.93mil/year. ( The Leafs won't let him go )

I'm gonna put this dynasty on hold for the moment, mainly as there was an update half way through that is meant to remove the young stars asking for bridge deals, as well as the fact that in this save I had initially my asistant set up to look after training and I felt that the young stars aren't developing at a right pace.

I'm going to start a new one with the latest update with the Edmonton Oilers, as I want to see what can be done with that huge contract of McDavid and the fact that in my current dynasty he only got to the playoffs 3 times and twice finished in the first round and once in the second. I will have the same approach, a win now and will be trading away even the washing machine if i have to to make the Oilers win. I will sign in the the challenge mode too which I didn't do for this dynasty.

If there is anything you want to ask, fire away.
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