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BSBL Has an Opening!

Full League Name: Big Sky Baseball League
Reports URL: Reports can be found here. Our early seasons, 1952-55 here.
Boards URL: Forum is members only - access will be granted once you commit to the league
Commissioner Email Address: Commissioner: jkough1|a|t|; Deputy Commissioner: epbens|a|t|
OOTP Version: 17 (17.12 Build 75)
Game Needed: Required
Players: Fictional
# of Teams: 24
Export Deadlines Days And Times: Sim 3x week (usually Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the AM)
League Time Per Sim: 1 week per sim during regular season, Off-season schedule set out by Commissioner via email
First Season: 1952
Latest Season: We have just concluded the 1991 post-season.

The BSBL is a competitive OOTP league played at a relaxed pace using fictional players. We have an active forum, lots of trading, and an engaged set of owners. This upcoming season, 1992, is our 40th anniversary season - so come join the fun! You would be taking over the Omaha Bombers franchise. The Bombers were one of the league powerhouses in the late '70's to early '80's, making the playoffs several times and winning the championship in '81. However, the Bombers have been stuck in rebuilding mode since. This is to your benefit - though Omaha finished below .500 in this last season, the Bombers feature two of the league's top 20 pitchers (one of whom just completed his rookie season), the #4 ranked farm system, and enough budget room to add major free agents. Combined with playing in what is currently the league's weakest division and you have an opportunity to quickly build a playoff caliber team!

We communicate via an email list and a forum and conduct our draft via StatsLab. If you are interested in joining the league, please email me and the Commissioner at the email addresses above. We are only just entering the off-season, so if you join now, you will be able to set arbitration amounts, participate in the Rule 5 draft, and not miss out on the beginning of free agency.
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