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Originally Posted by Dimethod View Post
I have to move my OOTP folders out of my documents folder to a custom location (work issues). I figure I can move my OOTP folders to this new location by doing a copy and paste.

Question is how do I get OOTP pointed in the new custom location?

Thanks in advance.
You can have multiple copies on one computer without using the second license.
Copy (don't remove) your custom data (saved games, graphics, etc.) and the config folder's key.cfg file to another folder somewhere. Then uninstall ootp using add/remove programs or whatever program you use.
Now install ootp and select install to a custom location, set it to install for your user only.
Now the only folder in documents will be the config folder...I don't know if that can be moved out of docs or not..Move all your folders you previously copied back to ootp's data folder. If you need your license key again (you shouldn't) and you don't have it handy, look in the config folder you copied and open the key.cfg file. Your serial is there. Or you can just drag and drop that into ootp's config folder in docs and restart ootp and your good to go.
This is the easiest and safest way to do it. No chance on cofusing ootp as to the location of files. Good luck.

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