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Flag Update, now with 100% more Kosovo! (also: a few hostorical flags)

I've continued to tinker with the flags and have made some minor updates. For instance, the Iraqi government decided it did not like stars any more. Also, the certainly much-used flag of Sao Tome and Principe had lots of accents in its filename which could mean it did not show properly on some systems -- just in case the RFG gives you a fighter from these islands in the middle of nowhere Since Kosovo is now mostly regarded an independent state, I've added their flag. A few minor mistakes/uglinesses have been corrected too.

Just uncompress the archive and let it overwrite your old images/flags folder. If you don't want a duplicate Sao Tome in new universes, delete the flag with the accents in the filename.

Also, I've made a few flags of popular ex-countries: the USSR, the GDR, Yugoslavia pre-1992 and Yugoslavia/Serbia and Montenegro post-1992. They're in a separate archive because they don't belong in the default database.

I'll likely add some more old flags (and possibly US state flags) in the future.

Edit: Hostorical, just brilliant!

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