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Originally Posted by raslavens View Post
Uh, if someone was quitting... then they were holding onto 5 Sales, 5 DeGroms, 10 Rendons, 10 Freemans, etc. The AH was FLOODED with 100+ Diamond and Perfect cards simultaneously with the same auction end date/time and similar pricing and no Buy Now options. Ruined may be a strong term, but it did make it difficult to sort through the mess and hampered those trying to sell the same cards during this time period.

Take a look before you post and maybe you'll see what I'm talking about instead of weighing in with an uncurious, snarky, condescending answer. Perhaps it was OOTP who released a bunch of cards to auction to spur activity, but it WAS NOT NORMAL and it wasn't simply one bored player selling off all their cards.
One man's "ruined" is another man's "intriguing". It breathed some life into a stale AH. And yes, I have to agree that it's just someone dumping off all their players. It's happened before and was probably one of the most interesting of times the AH had gone through since PT20 started.

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