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Very difficult because of odd teams in div and odd teams in league. But here is a solution that could work. 4H/4A against all teams in league. This would cover 5 weeks (10 half week series) The team that does not play in the series (each team twice in the 10 series would play a 4 game series against a random IL opponent. This would equal 10 series and 40 games played 32div/8IL. The teams would then play a 3H/3A against 2 of the other divisions which would be 10 teams for 60 games to total 100 games.

The tricky part is that not all divisions will be playing at the same time in division. I'll have to stagger them. This would take a little time but when done would be a kick ass schedule. For the non div matchups it would be like this: 1 plays 2/5, 2 plays 3/1, 3 plays 2/4, 4 plays 5/3 and 5 plays 1/4. This gives every one 2 divisions to play with no duplication. That would leave them not playing 2 divisions, but I could make 2 schedules that you can load a different one each season and that way you would get every opponent in subleague every two years. 2nd year 1 plays 3/4, 2 plays 4/5, 3 plays 5/1, 4 plays 1/2 and 5 plays 2/3. sound complicated but once put into a spread sheet is not too difficult after you create the initial setup. Any increase in the amount of div games will result in more interleague games played and fewer non div games.

This would give you a 18 week schedule with the 2 week break and your requirement of 100 games. Games would be D32-N60-I8. If you wanted more divisional games we could go D48-N40-I12 this would mean go 6H/6A for div games 4H/0A or 0H/4A for the 10 non div teams and then the 12 interleague games 3 times 4 opp. when the team is not scheduled for a divisional game when the div series is played due to 5 teams in div.

I think I can fit both schedules in an 18 week season or 126 playing days. Let me know what you think about this. It will be a litlle difficult to make but once made it will be a nice schedule to add to the schedule list for other players to use. I don't see too many 50 team schedule out there on the schedule list. This schedule really interests me, but I need to know what kind of time frame you are looking for to have this schedule.

If this is a schedule that you are just doing for a 1-time league it may not be worth doing but if this is something you plan on using a bit I think it would be worth the effort.

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