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Originally Posted by italyprof View Post
The 1914 regular season is over. The Cleveland Blues have returned to the World Series after an 8-year hiatus, finishing 89-65, two games ahead of Ty Cobb's Tigers (traded by the Chicago Orphans for Hanley Ramirez and two minor players), and 5 ahead of the Athletics. The Philadelphia Phillies, winners of 96 games, ran away with the NL pennant behind Clayton Kershaw, the greatest pitcher in major league history up to 1914, finishing 15 games ahead of the Reds and Ted Williams. Williams hit 44 homers and batted .330 to lead the NL. Cobb won his first AL batting title, hitting .360, and stole 92 bases.

The Blues were led by Carl Hubbell who won 21 and led the AL in ERA at 2.47. Kershaw won 23 and his ERA was 2.32. Glenn Davis led the AL with 36 homers, one more than Blues' first baseman Johnny Mize, a rookie obtained in the draft. Mize combined with outfielder Mickey Mantle, in his third year and finally productive, hitting 34 homers.

Now comes the World Series.The Philllies return to the Series for the first time since 1904, the Blues for the first time since 1906.
That is a yuuuge trade (Cobb for Hanley+). There was a time (2008-2009ish) when Hanley was one of the best players in the game when he was with the Marlins. Had a great 2013 with the Dodgers as well which unfortunately was interrupted by injuries. As good as he was, he always left me with the feeling that he could've been even better if he wasn't dogging it so often. Oh well.
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