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Originally Posted by chucksabr View Post
I could say that I took a long hiatus from the League because I've been very busy with stuff, and with life in general, and for the most part that would be true. But whole truth be told, a key reason I took the hiatus is because the League became exhausting. It would take something like 20 or 30 man hours to do a single season, including all the steps for running the league, crunching all the stats after the season was done, and especially the writing.

It's a lot of fun, but after doing 40 seasons of it I got exhausted. I hope this will re-energize me.
If it's any consolation, those 20-30 hours per season certainly weren't wasted. Your storytelling gave the simulation an authentic, hand-crafted feel. In fact, if I wasn't a baseball fan and not familiar with the history of the game, and I stumbled across this thread, I'd swear you were re-telling the history of an actual league in England.

At any rate, enjoy your hiatus. Hope to see you back in the storytelling saddle again someday.
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