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Keep in mind that anything can be taken out of context...

Tanda, "...Gehrig was never discussed as an all-time top fielder..."

Baseball Historian, "...His career fielding average was a high .991 and he was considered one of the better fielding first baseman of his era..."

Honestly, I would take Dusty Baker's opinions on baseball over your's any day of the week. Not to say that you are not knowledgeable. Dusty has dedicated his life to baseball, day in day out. Without knowing the context of the quote we do not know the entirety of it's meaning. One small thought on the subject, not to say this was the context... How many runs did the Twins loose because Tony Oliva could still hit but could barely walk during his final seasons. He actually cost them runs as many times as not; if he didn't hit a home run it would have been better that he made an out.... think about it, for entire seasons he barely scored 30 runs even though he was on base a lot, other than home runs... just a thought.

Taken out of context Yogi would have been considered a bumbling idiot. But we all know better. We all know he was an astute baseball mind. If this is not accepted as fact then I guess that there is no more reason to debate. "You can observe a lot just by watching."

And yes, I can find quotes and examples to belittle anyone on any given subject if I look. I stand by my opinion. It would be ignorant and arrogant to think other wise.

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