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Originally Posted by swampdragon View Post
I have a developing theory. What schedule are you using? Are you using one man rotations with the game generated schedules?
For the league referenced in the second posting above, I used everything automatically generated by the game (including schedules) but used 1870s settings (one-man rotation).

But in the league referenced in the first posting, I generated my own ML schedule with games every other day with one-man rotations. I found in previous trial leagues that the automatically generated schedules (with games played mostly without a break between game days) pitchers got too tired to get the appropriate number of appearances. The total games played in a season ran from about 30 to about 60. With an every-other-day game schedule, pitchers seemed to get about the right number of games started in a season.

The minor leagues played a somewhat fewer games than the ML teams but still used automatically generated schedules. But I set rotations to 2-man so that more pitchers would get innings.

Perhaps related, but I'm not sure, is the drafting policy of teams in this era: they take almost nothing but pitchers for the first dozen rounds of the draft. But even very top hitters do very poorly against these pitchers and, so, I'm not sure the role this draft policy plays.

I'm not sure that drafting almost only pitchers makes any sense when most pitchers end up getting no innings in the minor leagues and, so, they likely fail to develop at all.

(some edits made above for clarity)

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