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I disagree about College players being paid . They are provided (PAID) enough already. Tuition, housing, food, training facility, healthcare ,entertainment activities, travel , some clothing, and marketing of their skills -- these are provided.

The NCAA provides the "level playing field " for all the colleges and universities ** the guidelines . The colleges and universities join and agree to these guidelines and the NCAA tries to ensure compliance .

The promotion ( marketing ) of the player image is increasing the student's career. That is how they profit .

I am more upset about players being forced to colleges and universities to play a sport . The student that does not want to go to college should have another developmental process - minor leagues in baseball . If the athletes want only to go pro then allow them . Another issue for those wanting to go pro is the salary scales and the issue of being tied to a team ( not of your choice ) for 4-5-6 or more years .

The issue of pay to play below Pro level is a matter of perspective. They are getting an education and development / training of skills. In the past they have tried work study alternatives but the abuse was wide spread. Students/ Athletes just did not show up for work as scheduled. And some of the jobs were watching gym activities .
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