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Billy Hunter

Hunter is rated as a zero tomato can at the moment in the game, now he wasant a very good fighter but a guy that defeated Miteff twice, Baker, Anthony and got matched up with Liston in the late 50s wasant a tomato can!

STYLE - Slugger.

FIGHTING OUTSIDE - 1. Down two he just wasant capable of boxing for long.

CONDITIONING -8. He was not a one! He was a trial horse pure and simple.

CONTROL VS BOXER -7. Up two he was a trial horse, a journeyman, he sneaked into the ring top ten once but this showed he was capable at least. He was not a tomato can or opponent, he had it within him to pull off the occasional result and he was a respectable name to have on your record.

CONTROL VS SLUGGER -8. Up two see above.

CHIN VS KNOCKDOWN -4. Degraded by one step, it has to be said thouh he was floored a lot sometimes even in his victories.

KILLER INSTINCT -7. Up three, there is no evidence to give him such a low killer instinct he stopped 11 men in his 19 wins, he was an average finisher.

AGRESSIVNESS - 7. Again up three. A seven is an avergae ok score for agressivness again its a good score for him.

ENDURANCE -7. Degraded one step, many of his stoppages come in the late rounds, he often ran out of puff and then ideas.

FIGHT ON ROPES -3. He was not a one here, this is an avergae score for below average fighters.

HITTING POWER -4. Up two. He stopped Miteff twice, and Tony Anthony, he wasant a powder puff guy, just a solid average puncher.

PUNCHING - 34. Up two steps, be very careful in making this category too low, along with control factor its the most important category in the simulation. Every step of 2 points is a huge effect in the game if you set this two low a fighter has no chance of being competative. Remember it can and should represnt hand speed, punching accuracy and overall boxing skills, and should be a combination of all three depending on the fighter you are trying to model. Try to take 38 as an average then increase or decrease from their as your model.
If a guy has defeated ranked opposition in his time be very careful about putting it in the 30 or worse mark.

OVERALL RATING 2. Up two. This is much fairer, in nice trial horse country but a step above those nasty zero tomato cans.
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