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Junior-age players stuck on "Major League" rosters (fictional mode))

As the title suggests, I'm noticing that AI managers in fictional mode seem to really love keeping a few mostly imcompetent 18 year-olds on their rosters while better options exist in their farm team. My theory is that the AI really hates sending players back to Juniors once drafted, and since they can't be sent to the fictional AHL-equivalent, they sit on the main roster as permenent scratches.

Every single team in the league looks like this (also, Aland is always a hockey power) after 10 years of simulation (see attachment).

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For a personal touch, let's take a look at the sad story of Taylor Clarke. Drafted in the 7th round prior to the 1954 season, this mediocre Junior player was thrilled to be immediately placed on a big league active roster, despite being widely considered a scrub barely fit for a minor league 4th line. He then spent three years filling water bottles and occasionally going out onto the ice to embarrass himself for a few minutes. Every team in my league has a "Taylor Clarke" character or three floating around.
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