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I'm not going to reply to any responses I get from the following because I feel most of the time these convos lead to nowhere. I also don't want to have this thread derailed to social discussion and not about football. But sometimes things are said that just irks me to a very high level and I feel I have to speak up. Because if sensible words remain unsaid, the ignorant ones will be the only ones that are heard.

No non-black person ever used the n-word in anger towards a black person because "it's just a word". There is reason and purpose behind it. And the purpose is to demean a black person in the most vicious way they know how. The intent is clear just as if someone took a gun out and fired it towards them. There is a reason why racists use the word over and over and over again. Because in their context they want to tout their perceived superiority and show us to be the 3/5ths of human they think we are.

When used in that context it is not something to be ignored. It is not to be treated like any other insult. It is not a temporary loss of etiquette. It is a window to the heart. It is to be addressed w/the greatest, but reasonable, severity possible. As I've said before, your tolerance is measured by your willingness to discipline it. I'm sorry there maybe some hurt feelings over this, but claiming there is nothing to the word is equal to saying there is nothing to the dignity of the black race.

That is not just to whites. That is to blacks as well. I find it absurd when blacks refer to each other as "my n---". They are demeaning themselves. And they go contrary to the belief that all races are equal. If it is ok for one race to say it, it is ok for ALL races to say it. If it is wrong for one race to say it, it is wrong for ALL races to say it. I have told my friends and even my own parents "I ain't nobody's n----, including you". They know not to use it around me. It is ugly, degrading and hateful no matter whose mouth it comes from. Intended or not.

W/ Myles Garrett, I too predicted in my mind that Rudolph would be accused of saying something racist. Sadly, I've seen too many black men lose their self control and try to dismiss it by claiming the n-word was used. Instead of taking responsibility for their actions. While looking short term to pull their own tails out of the fire, in the long run it causes skepticism among others when racist language has actually been used. So when racism has taken place, we aren't taken seriously or have our complaints dismissed. It hurts us all and allows those secret klansmen & nazi sympathizers to continue in their positions of power. So I was dismayed when word came out of Myles' excuse. I don't believe his retelling of events.

However, I will say the way this all came about leads me to surmise he really does believe that it came out of Rudolph's mouth. Myles and his camp did not put this out to the public. They kept it quiet, seem on the surface genuinely upset that it came out, and we found out about this from Rudolph's lawyer. Most of the time when I've noticed people come up with that lie, they make a public spectacle of it. Doesn't prove by any means that he and his camp didn't fabricate this whole thing. But it leaves the door open in my mind that Myles could have sincerely believed he heard it.

But, as he has admitted, that is no excuse for what he did. Maybe the reason, but not a valid excuse. People who use the n-word angrily are saying the target is nothing but an instinctive, non-thinking animal. When you go off just because you heard that word, you are in essence proving that person right. You are acting like an animal, an illogical beast whose initial thought is to maim, hurt and kill instead of using self-control. It is the people who say the n-word who are the instinctive, non-thinking animal with nothing but hurt on their mind when provoked.

Make sure when the dust settles everyone can see that.
If a man is guilty
4 what goes on inside of his mind,
then let me get the electric chair
4 all my future crimes.

- Prince

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