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Originally Posted by QuikSand View Post
If that's really true... I'll suffer through it.

I would say - how on earth can this be the intended experience for new players? It's so far removed from "baseball" it's off-putting.
Part of it is true, in that when you first create your Perfect Team, your team is put into what's called an 'Entry League' because the Perfect Team seasons start on Monday mornings each week. So you have to wait until then to get put into a real league with other human players.

Also, part of is true that when you're in the Entry league, your team does play games that earn Perfect Points.

The part that's confusing/strange is the game scores and behavior you're reporting. That is not supposed to be the case. As Kris mentioned earlier, we will look into that. Definitely not the intended/expected behavior.

Thank you for playing Out of the Park Baseball!
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