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Beginning league - this can't be right

So, I'm dipping my toe into Perfect Team. I get it, it might not really be my cup of tea, but I'll give it a whirl.

So I have my team, opened my packs, and have picked up some improvements in the market. All fine, that seems well done.

The "league" I'm playing in makes no baseball sense. Most games are going 20-50 innings until one team gets a fluky single run to win 1-0. My batters all have BAvg of under .050... most of my pitchers (and players) have pitched tons of innings with ERAs hovering right around zero. Something is horribly wrong here.

Is this a mess due to the new changes in Perfect Team? Am I missing a larger discussion about this?

Sorry... I poked around for a report of this massive bug, didn't see it. If I'm just wasting my time playing a broken game, I'll just quit - but I'd rather sort out what's going on and proceed with building a team and playing in tournaments or whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing with it.
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