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you should be able to find several threads on how to do it, but i will give you a basic quickstep.
1. create a fictional league min amount of teams per league.
2. do all your other options, you can change most if not all later.
3. after league creation go to League Settings - Edit League Structure.
4. Add Historical team. select the Historical database.odb from teh OOTP 15 stats folder located under My documents not under the C: drive which is where mine put me at 1st.
5. enter year, hit refresh teams list, (or just click it unless you want to break your monitor, up to you) select team.
6. select your options
7. repeat til you get all the teams you want.
8. Generate new schedule ( you can import a custom schedule before preseason ends.)

any questions? i can provide screenshots if need be.
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